All Your Cinema Needs in One Place

AVEST is your one stop shop for cinema needs in Saudi Arabia. We have certified designers, technicians, and a professional management team that will guide you from planning and design, construction and installation, up to operation and maintenance for your cinema facility.

We have been in the business for over 9 years and we are the first Saudi owned and registered company specializing in cinema solutions.

We are partners with the some of the biggest industry leaders in cinema solutions.

What We Can Do For You

planning and design of cinema in saudi arabia

Planning and Design

We can provide:

arrow Architects that can provide drawings that follow the standards of cinemas across the globe.

arrow Designers that can help with the look and feel of your cinema, by helping you select the proper wall colors, seats, lighting, and other factors that affect the ambiance.

arrow Engineers that will help select suitable projection and audio equipment, screens, theater management software, servers, and whatever equipment or accessories, needed to operate your cinema.

design and building of cinema

Supply of Equipment

AVEST carries a wide selection of cinema equipment to choose from.


arrow  Christie

arrow  Barco


arrow  Christie

arrow  USL

arrow  Doremi

Audio Equipment

arrow  Christie

arrow  JBL

arrow  Crown

arrow  QSC


arrow  Showtex

arrow  Harkness

Supply of equipment in cinema


AVEST has certified technicians that will install, configure, and program all your cinema equipment. Our services also includes, training your staff to operate your cinema equipment.

Maintenance and Operation of cinema

Maintenance and Operation

Sit back and relax, AVEst has a team of professionals that can handle all management, box office, and equipment operations. All our members have been trained and certified in the different aspects of cinema operation.

We guarantee world class service at low cost prices.

Content Distribution of cinema

Content Distribution

AVEST is an authorized distributor of various content. We can provide the latest blockbuster movies the same day it is released around the world, we are also an authorized distributor of various television channels, or provide educational content for your museums or institutions.

Interior and furnishing of cinema


Watch in comfort… AVEST can provide sound proofing, seats, and lighting for your cinemas. We are partners with Eomac and Showtex, globally renowned companies whose acoustic systems are used worldwide.

cinema Saudi arabia

Supply of Cinema Concession

The cinema experience would not be complete, without popcorn or soda. AVEst can equip your snack bars with the latest concession equipment and the tastiest of snacks.

First digital cinema in saudi arabia


Bring your cinema to the next level...We are certified installers of 3D systems, we can provide 3D wheels with complete accessories, 3D glasses(disposable or reusable), and equipment for cleaning and maintenance.

The Best Cinema For You

AVEST understands that each sector has its own requirement, that’s why we approach each project from a totalitarian perspective. We can design a cinema for you that’s indoor, outdoor, or in the comforts of your own home.